3TREES (1)

“The Vague One with Deep Concerns about Life”
“The Capricious One with Fantastic Dreams”
“The Vulnerable One with Blessings from the Guardians of the Night”

meet the artists



Itala Langmar
            A painter since the age of six, I studied in Venice, Italy, and at the Art Institute of Chicago. My inspiration is from nature. I endeavor to capture the fleeting beauty of flowers, the majesty of old trees, the melancholy of the waters of Venice and Lake Michigan in a style that I call “geometric lyricism.”
            A lifelong poet, published many times, I started using lines of poetry in my paintings. They read as lyrics and as visual marks.
My works have been exhibited in several one-person shows, dozens of group shows, and in prestigious journals and art publications. I am represented in many private American and Italian collections.
I paint remembrances and feelings inspired by nature.
James Merriner           
As a journalist and author, I wrote five books about politics and history and published some poetry. (To look over my books, visitwww.jamesmerriner.com.) I also sold some photojournalism—back in the days of film. After a long break from photography, I have embraced the digital era. Meanwhile, my partner, the artist Itala Langmar, led me to see art photography not as images of objects and people, but as patterns of light and colors. In retirement, photography has become my passion.
            I have endeavored to shoot trees, flowers, and the seasons not as traditional scenic shots but with novel perspectives and with ambient light. I believe in doing a minimum of digital editing. My photographs represent exactly what I saw and selected through my camera.